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For Problem Skin


Acne Management Programme

One spot or one hundred spots - acne is acne. This programme provides your skin the nutrition it requires to expel the bacteria and toxins associated with acne from its residence in your skin. Acne will no longer be welcome under the P8N8 regime. For more information about acne and the acne-busting nutrition of P8N8, read more...
Total value: £223

Includes: Deep Pore Cleanser, Exfoliator, Shock Treatment (15ml), Facial Oil, Gel Toner, Complex 1 Multi Fruit


Sensitive (Sensitised) Skin Programme

Do you find you have to be careful with the products you use on your skin for fear of a reaction? Youíre not alone, however it is very possible that the products you currently use take away your natural potion which in turn will cause your sensitivity. In other words, your skincare products may have sensitised your skin. Itís important to look at the diet you are feeding your skin - is it junk food? This programme is specifically designed to repair your skinís health with a balanced diet to replenish the lacking nutrition. You should avoid water-based products, harsh cleansers and toners. Also steer clear of junk-food ingredients like mineral oil, liquidum paraffin, petrolatum, microcristallina wax or lanolin - none of which are present in P8N8.
Total value: £230.50

Includes: Professional Cleanser, Gel Toner, Exfoliator, Facial Oil, Complex 1, Lip Volume, Sensitive Serum


Lifeís Excesses

Do you enjoy life to the fullest? Sunbeds, sunny holidays, sailing, clubbing, drinking, smoking, stressful worklife, etc. Does your skin have the telltale signs of just such a lifestyle? While we cannot erase all of the damage, we can certainly replenish quite a bit that your lifestyle has robbed from your skin and assist the return of your skinís health. You may find that your lifestyle requires your participation in all sorts of activities that may not be the healthiest for you. Let us help you supplement your skin so it doesnít tell all.
Total value: £403

Includes: Professional Cleanser, Foaming Cleanser, Gel Toner, Exfoliator, Mask, Facial Oil, Complex 1, Night Cream, Lip Volume, Sunscreen, Eye Cream


Dehydration (Pigmentation Preparation Level 1) Programme

Air conditioning, cold weather, swapping and changing products, harsh cleansing, improper diet can all affect the hydration levels in your skin. Dehydrated skin can look prematurely aged, yet itís so easy to address! Note: This is also the precursor treatment to addressing pigmentation issues as it is often caused by depleted hydration.
Total value: £207.25

Includes: Professional Cleanser, Gel Toner, Facial Oil, Complex 1, Eye Cream, Lip Moisture, Sunscreen (Discovery Size)


Pigmentation Programme - Level 2

After youíve addressed the hydration levels in your skin. Youíre now ready to seriously target the uneven pigmentation. We highly recommend you complete the Level 1 Programme before progressing to Level 2. Pigmentation is a skin issue that is deeply rooted and will take time and patience to address. Your commitment is imperative.
Total value: £364

Includes: Professional Cleanser, Foaming Cleanser, Gel Toner, Facial Oil, Complex 1, Eye Cream, Lip Moisture, Sensitive Serum, Shock Treatment (15ml), Eye Serum, Sunscreen